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Convicted Malaysian murderer in legal limbo in Australia

Jun 06 2019 Published by under 苏州皮肤管理

(Transcript from SBS World News Radio)

A former bodyguard to the Malaysian Prime Minister is facing indefinite detention in Australia.


Sirul Azhar Umar was sentenced to death for murder, but came to Australia before he case finished.

Australian law prevents his deportation, so he’s in legal limbo.

Now, his family wants the Australian government to help.

Naomi Selvaratnam reports.

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It’s a murder case that’s caused a political storm in Malaysia.

Now, it’s reached Australia.

Sirul Azhar Umar fled Malaysia last year arriving in Queenland on a tourist visa before his conviction.

He’s since been detained at Villawood detention centre in Sydney.

Dr Syed Azman Syed Ahmad from the Islamic Party of Malaysia says Umar’s mother wants the Australian government to intervene.

“She’s requesting for the Australian authority to give him full protection in Australia. It’s more safer in Australia than going to Malaysia.”

In 2006, Mongolian interpreter and model, Altantuya Shaariibuu was shot twice in a jungle clearing near Kuala Lumpur, wrapped in military-grade explosives, and blown up.

Umar, a former bodyguard to the Malaysian Prime Minister, Najib Razak, was convicted of her murder — alongside a former police official.

Last month, both were sentenced to hang.

Umar has always maintained his innocence.

His lawyer, Dato Mahfuz, claims Ms Shaariibuu was murdered to keep her quiet over alleged government corruption.

“The murder took place without motive. And in court, he maintained he was acting on orders. But the issue is who was giving the order?”

Sirul Umar is essentially in legal limbo.

He can’t be extradited to Malaysia because Australian law prevents the return of anyone facing the death penalty to their home country.

But he can’t be released in Australia, because he’s been convicted of murder.

His lawyer says, Malaysia has not yet made a formal extradition request.

International law expert, Professor Ben Saul says legal avenues in this case are limited.

“The sensible thing for the Malaysian government to do would be to simply give Australia a guarantee that Malaysia will not apply the death penalty.”

The Australian government doesn’t disclose if an extradition request has been received unless a person is arrested or brought before a court.





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GP tax likely to go as PM Abbott resets again

Jun 06 2019 Published by under 苏州皮肤管理

The controversial Medicare co-payment looks set to be dumped, as Tony Abbott seeks to quell leadership tensions and reset his government.


Critics of the prime minister have pulled back from talk of a second leadership spill motion during this week’s parliamentary sitting.

Liberal MPs have, for the moment, resigned themselves to giving Mr Abbott time to rebuild the coalition’s electoral stocks and deliver on his promise to listen to backbench concerns.

Monday night’s cabinet meeting and Tuesday’s party room meeting are both expected to endorse ditching the $5 co-payment for a visit to the doctor.

“The government will have more to say in due course,” Mr Abbott told parliament when Labor asked about the policy reversal on Monday.

But the coalition is expected to stick with other measures such as university fees deregulation, which has yet to be debated in the Senate, and an earn-or-learn policy for young unemployed.

Taking some of the pressure off Mr Abbott’s leadership was the latest Fairfax-Ipsos poll, which put the coalition slightly behind Labor 49-51 per cent, but up from the 46-54 result in January.

Liberal backbencher Dennis Jensen, who was one of 39 MPs to back a motion to spill the leadership three weeks ago, summed it up.

“It’s a positive result,” he said of the poll.

“The prime minister is changing the way that he’s doing things and I think that that is being reflected in public sentiment.”

Royal Australian College of General Practitioners president Dr Frank Jones told AAP doctors were aware of talk about the co-payment.

But Dr Jones said the government should go further and also consider removing the freeze on Medicare patient rebates.

“GPs will be forced to pass on increasing out-of-pocket costs to patients, as the effective value for patient rebates continues to fall over the next four years,” he said.

Mr Abbott is also on Tuesday expected to reveal details of a joint military operation with New Zealand to train Iraqi forces to fight Islamic State.

Meanwhile, government ministers say those touting a leadership change to either Malcolm Turnbull or Julie Bishop should pull their heads in.

“I think it’s dying because the voters have spoken,” Trade Minister Andrew Robb said of the poll results.

Finance Minister Mathias Cormann said the Ipsos poll showed focusing on “things that matter” worked.

In the past fortnight the government has taken steps toward tightening foreign investment rules, improving national security and better food labelling.

Voters have also benefited from cuts to mortgage borrowing rates, after a central bank reduction last month.

But Opposition Leader Bill Shorten said the poll numbers didn’t matter.

“The numbers that matter here is unemployment is rising, there’s still a GP tax … then you’ve got pension cuts,” he said.

Launching a Labor policy to tackle tax avoidance, he said voters wanted more discussion about ideas and less about personalities.

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Turn down the music, save your hearing

Jun 06 2019 Published by under 苏州皮肤管理

(Transcript from World News Radio)

The World Health Organisation says more than a billion young people around the world are risking their hearing by listening to too much music at a high volume.


A WHO report has found, among middle- and upper-class people between ages 12 and 35, nearly half are exposed to unsafe levels of sound from headphones and concerts.

Emma Hannigan reports.

(Click on the audio tab above to hear the full report)

Turn down the music.

That is the key message from a new World Health Organisation report that finds nearly half of young upper- and middle-class people play their headphone volume too high.

The WHO recommends listening to loud music on headphones for less than an hour a day.

Audiologist Samantha Rattos agrees.

“It does come down to duration time and, also, how loud the sound is that you’re listening to. So, look, absolutely, turning it down to a safe listening level … you can generally gauge. If someone else can hear it next to you, it’s probably too loud.”

About two in five young people put their hearing at risk at clubs, bars and sports events.

Nightclubs typically play music at 100 decibels, the equivalent of a jackhammer and safe for only 15 minutes.

The HEARing Cooperative Research Centre is launching a pilot study to help venues become less damaging for hearing.

Reseacher Elizabeth Beach says the study is aimed at coming up with practical solutions to help live-music venues reduce their noise exposure.

“Things like simply turning down the volume. There will also be ways that we can work on the sound design. So, just by equalising the sound differently, you can make a fairly significant difference.”

Most people are aware of the dangers of excessive noise exposure in the workplace.

Only recently has leisure-based noise been identified as a problem.

Audiology-clinic operator John Lucchese says his business’s clientele are getting younger.

“Hearing loss begins at very moderate levels of intensity, and it’s something that we’re not aware of when that’s occurring. So the main things that they need to be ensuring that they’re doing is minimising their exposure to that and being aware of the amount of time that they’re exposed to those louder sounds.”

The World Health Organisation warns hearing loss can have serious consequences for physical and mental health.

And, the organisation says, it can also hurt young people’s education and employment prospects.



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Dalmiya back as India cricket chief

Jun 06 2019 Published by under 苏州皮肤管理

Jagmohan Dalmiya, who turned India into cricket’s financial powerhouse before being unceremoniously dumped by his peers, returned as board president on Monday in place of the sport’s scandal-hit global supremo.


Dalmiya was elected unopposed as president of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) as part of a deal which observers say will allow the embattled incumbent Narayanaswami Srinivasan to stay on as head of the International Cricket Council.

“Jagmohan Dalmiya has been elected as the president of BCCI,” Gokaraju Gangaraju, who was also elected vice president of the board at the meeting in the southern city of Chennai, told AFP by phone.

“We look forward to working under his leadership.”

The election caps a remarkable comeback for Dalmiya, who helped bring about a massive expansion in the BCCI’s financial muscle in the 1980s and 90s by negotiating mega television deals before being ousted a decade ago over allegations of misappropriation of funds.

His return was made possible after Srinivasan’s camp mobilised to thwart another former BCCI president, Sharad Pawar, who had been angling for a return but failed to persuade any regional association to nominate him.

Srinivasan had been forced to stand aside after the Supreme Court found him guilty of a conflict of interest over his ownership of a team in the Indian Premier League, the BCCI’s money-spinning Twenty20 tournament.

However observers say that Srinivasan, who cut his teeth under Dalmiya, will remain a powerful figure behind the scenes in the BCCI and the board will use its influence to ensure he can extend his tenure as president of the ICC, the game’s Dubai-based world governing body.

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Di Maria will get back to his best at United – Rooney

Jun 06 2019 Published by under 苏州皮肤管理

The 27-year-old Argentine has done little to justify the British record transfer fee of 59.


7 million pounds United spent to recruit the flying winger from Real Madrid.

Di Maria, who has scored three goals in 19 Premier League games this season, was taken off at halftime during United’s 2-0 victory over Sunderland on Saturday but Rooney believes the Argentine will come good at Old Trafford.

“It (Saturday) was just one of those days that every footballer has,” Rooney told the club’s website.

“He is a great player, he has shown that and you don’t lose your talent overnight. Hopefully, he will get back to his best and start giving some great performances for us.

“He has got a lot of experience and I think he will figure it out, we all have to do that sometimes. There is nothing worse than when everyone keeps going on at you.

“You have to come to it in your own way and I am sure he will be a big player for us between now and the end of the season.”

Rooney has been deployed as a midfielder by manager Louis van Gaal for much of the season but he struck twice against Sunderland to end a run of eight games without a goal.

“Everyone knows I’ve played midfield for the majority of the season but my record shows that I score goals so I’m not worried about that at all,” he said.

“I was obviously pleased that the manager played me up front and I was delighted to get the two goals but the victory was the main thing today because after last week (when United lost to Swansea) it was important that we bounced back.”

United, who are fourth in the Premier League table with 50 points from 27 matches, travel to Newcastle United on Wednesday.

(Reporting by Michael Hann, editing by Ed Osmond)

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