Fake cancer appeal leaves many furious

Feb 01 2019 Published by under 深圳桑拿网

A NSW mother’s heart-wrenching story of her battle with terminal cancer has been exposed as a lie, leaving hundreds of duped donors to her cause furious.


Members of the public poured money into the appeal for 31-year-old Elizabeth “Elle” Edmunds, who was supposedly afflicted with ovarian cancer.

The mother of six, from Lake Macquarie on the NSW mid-north coast, claimed she was diagnosed with the aggressive illness in April and it had spread to her lungs.

She even shaved her head to convince people she was ill.

According to a “Help for Elle” Facebook page set up in September, there was no cure and she had three years to live.

It was also claimed she faced medical bills of $1600 a month.

A few days ago a man believed to be Ms Edmunds’ partner posted on Facebook that the woman didn’t have cancer.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Jessica McKay, who helped raise the money, told AAP.

“I would honestly like to see her in jail,” she said on Tuesday.

Police are investigating but confirmed Ms Edmunds had not been arrested.

Ms McKay, a Sydney mother who has lost her grandparents to cancer, was moved by Ms Edmunds’ plight and set up another Facebook page to raise funds for the woman.

She sourced prizes for auction, put donation tins in shops and organised a $150-a-head fundraiser dinner.

Ms McKay said $1780 was also raised through a crowdfunding website, while another woman raised $800 through a charity walk.

“A lot of people that donated had experienced cancer or had people pass away,” she said on Tuesday.

“That’s why it’s really sad that this woman didn’t have it at all.”

Since the expose, Ms McKay has contacted all the donors and hopes to direct the funds raised to Sydney’s Westmead Hospital.

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