Palaszczuk predicts Abbott’s downfall

May 07 2019 Published by under 深圳桑拿网

Annastacia Palaszczuk says Tony Abbott must heed the lessons of the Queensland election or risk guaranteeing his own party’s downfall at the next federal poll.


The new Queensland premier received a rock star welcome when she appeared at an Australian Workers’ Union conference on Monday.

Ms Palaszczuk, who has become a Labor hero following the party’s shock win over the Liberal National Party on January 31, was given a standing ovation by delegates before she even began her speech.

When she did, her seven-minute address fell significantly short of the half-hour allocated in the conference schedule.

Nevertheless, Ms Palaszczuk used the platform to warn there were lessons for the federal government in Queensland, as well as encouraging signs for her Labor counterparts in Canberra.

“What we have seen at a federal level is a national prime minister who is not listening to the will of the people,” she said.

“Here in Queensland we have listened to what people have to say.”

“Tony Abbott is simply not listening.”

Abbott’s policy directive – such as proposed changes to tertiary education and Medicare services – wasn’t heeding the will of the people, she said.

“That will be his downfall,” she predicted.

Her comments echoed those of one-time treasurer Wayne Swan, whom had earlier drawn parallels between the political fates of the prime minister and banished former premier Campbell Newman.

“There are no two political leaders who are more alike than Tony Abbott and Campbell Newman,” he said.

This likeness, Mr Swan said, led him to rate Labor’s chances of electoral success at the next federal ballot as strong.

“I believe we can win the next election and we will win the next election,” he said.

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